Welcome to bravetechmedia, a place where we do things with braveness, boldness and strategies. that’s why we want to use this medium to help people get success in their personal and business life.

I’m Abel Dennis Akhahowa, I was born and raised in Nigeria. after my study, I left Nigeria and have been living in Germany since 2001. Over the years I ‘ve worked in different companies without the real satisfaction in what I was doing and I knew I needed something different.

At a point I said to myself, there should be more to life with much satisfaction doing what I love, so I started doing some research when I found an article about making money online at the comfort of my home with just a laptop, yeah that’s right just a laptop.

Well, that is over a decade ago now, but it didn’t happen because I didn’t know how it works and never finds the platform to learn about it, but I learnt something, that there is a possibility. so a couple of years later I found an online platform, set up an account, five months later still had no idea what I was doing or what was going on, so I quit and said it wasn’t for me.

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I want to help others achieve their goals

with my experience and not finding the right platform when I first started and even went as far as giving up, I don’t want that for you, knowing that lots of people are still going through the same and about to give up, so we are here to help you and guide you through doing what you love and have the satisfaction that comes with it. is not easy but is doable.

I want you to realize that success in any form has to do with the individual mindset of what success means, and how much we want to succeed in the things we do, knowing that failure is not just falling down but refusing to get up when you have fallen.

so in my case I said I needed to get up and do the things I love and work from home, so in 2013, I subscribed to wealthy affiliate free email and after a couple of months I register for the free account and continue doing more research, and found a lot of different platforms that say they can teach people how to succeed and make money online.

but I didn’t find anyone with the type of grass root and in-depth structure as wealthy affiliate  so I decide to upgrade my account to premium membership, thank God I did.so because of all my experience over the years, I want to save people time and money from all the sub-standard and scams on the internet proclaiming to be guru in online business and internet marketing

History of Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate - The Wealthy Affiliate Review

This is taken from the Wealthy Affiliate site:

“Wealthy Affiliate was created as an initiative to help other people succeed online in the same way Kyle and Carson had already experienced success. Since 2005, the platform at WA has continued to evolve and innovate at a pace that is faster than the industry.

You can register for your free trial by following this link.

Our goal at brave tech media

The goal is to help people work and improve themselves with the mindset of knowing that it is ok to fail, and they should see it as a learning process and preparation for success, this is the kind of mindset that set people apart, why some succeed in what they do where others fail. this kind of mindset gave me the attitude of I can do anything I put my mind.

We want to help everyone and anyone realize that he or she has the potential to succeed in anything, with the right information, a good mentor and a helping hand, you can do anything, you need to understand how to guide your mind knowing that you have dominion on the earth.


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In today’s world, everything is basically online, so there is literally no reason you can’t find what you are looking for, but you need the right one, so with an online business for your own brand, you can earn a good income through Wealthy Affiliate earning programs. The WA community is recognized as one of the largest and most active online business communities in the world.

if you want to try new things, we are more than ready to help you out. So in case you need a hand in any area of your business and things generally, feel free to leave us a comment below and we would be more than happy to respond quickly.

Wish you the very best,

Abel Dennis

brave tech media.com

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