How to Improve Your Brain Memory

Improve Your Brain Memory

When life gets exceptionally involving, people tend to become forgetful. Despite being a completely regular occurrence, having a poor memory can be utterly frustrating. The brain itself is a network of communication between cells, and it operates multiple functions simultaneously.

The mind creates a new memory by associating itself parallel with the events we experience. Using its cells, it converts the short-term memories to a long-term, so we can recall them later. A time will come when you begin to forget minor things. At this point, you may disregard the issue because it’s normal to forget when you have a busy schedule. The truth is that you can be busy and still manage to improve your brain memory. How?

Physical Exercise

Blood flow gets highly influenced by activity; where there is no functionality, the blood pump rate is slow or low. On the other hand, the blood rate increases during various physical engagements like walking, running, swimming, mountain climbing, etc. Increased blood flow supplies adequate oxygen to the brain and thus allowing it to function properly.

Studies suggest that regular exercises stimulate the organ such that you become more aware of your surrounding than you would have without being physically active. Try running in the morning before work or studies and feel the difference.

The body usually releases tension and unclogs your brain so it can absorb more information. You can also try a skipping rope. It is a refreshing way to start or end your day. Basically, physical exercises assist in memory retention and creating more brain storage.

Get Enough Goodnight Sleep

Sleep deprivation negatively impacts your memory, so a 6 to 8-hour sleep is very important in memory consolidation where short-term memories get transformed into long-term ones. People who engage in night shift jobs are often prone to making errors than one’s having day activities.

Since the brain is naturally associated with sleeping through the night in most of the animal kingdom species, a stronger network in the brain is created while asleep, which helps in clear recall and ability to process thoughts. When you physically overwork the body, muscles get worn out.

This happens to the brain too when you create many memories or learn, a simple nap can improve the efficiency of recall and storage. Sleeping habits can alter brain functions significantly, and as such, experts recommend a minimum of 6 hours. You can also survive with an occasional 4-hour sleep.

Eat Healthily

Eating healthy not only play a role in bodybuilding, but it also improves memory. Fresh vegetables are essential as well as healthy fats and avoiding sugar which scientists link to numerous health issues and deadly diseases, including cognitive decline.

Fish oil is rich in the omega_3 fatty acids which have shown to reduce the risk of stress and anxiety, slow mental decline especially in old people and heart diseases. Regularly drinking green tea enhances memory and mental alertness, so for brain health, it’s not just what you eat, it’s also what you don’t eat.

Avoid too much caffeine, just make sure not to consume large amounts of caffeine in the late afternoon or evening, since it might disrupt your sleep at night, if drinking coffee reduces the quality of your sleep, then it will likely have the opposite effect and impair your overall brain function

Practice Regular Meditation

Meditation exercises your brain in a manner that activates your inner potential and makes memories long-term. The more your brain operates, the more you process and remember vast information. It works similarly to body development in that if you fail to exercise regularly you become less masculine and accumulate more fat.

As you age, the brain develops millions of networks that enable you to execute familiar tasks efficiently each day. If you stick to a normal routine, you are not stimulating your brain. You need to shake things up from time to time and meditation can help you adapt quickly.

Avoid Overworking Your Brain

Human beings admire the parallel work out which allows them to attempt doing many things simultaneously and as quickly as possible. Both physical and brain exhaustion tends to slow you down, prone you to errors, and make you forgetful. Multitasking is among the factors that can wear a brain out.

It compromises focus and causes headaches as your brain tries to accommodate everything at the same time for a prolonged period. If you are working on a time limit, spare yourself a few minutes to rest and breathe.

Identify and Treat Health Disorders

Health disorders no matter how tiny always disrupt brain functionality. Life-threatening diseases lead to stress while other illnesses often create cognitive impairment including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Hormonal imbalances among women in their old age enhance memory problems.

Depression is also a major threat to memory. It brings about mental sluggishness, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness as common symptoms. When in perfect health and free of diseases, one thinks clearly, remembers vividly and manages to learn new things effectively.

Drink Less Alcohol and Socialize

Alcohol has neural toxic effects on the brain. Consuming too many beverages with the content is irresponsible and can negatively impact your memory. It destroys an essential part of the brain that plays a vital role in organ development. Have you ever wondered why drunkards usually claim to be ‘high,’ ‘wasted’ or having no recollection?

Well, alcoholic substances alter the normal brain function in that, you cannot coordinate walk or talk properly. Most importantly, your memory becomes fuzzy and selective. Having an occasional drink is perfectly healthy, and therefore, you should avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

People usually relate memory boosts with puzzles and games, but you can also improve it by socializing. Invite your friends over for a movie, or host a party. Nothing nourishes your brain memory better than a good laugh with loved ones.

Bottom Line

Whether you are an executive at a multi-corporation or a hustler in the streets, your day depends on how well you value your health on a daily basis. Successful people maintain their position because they take time and learn how to conserve and protect their brain.

They understand that with a good memory comes effectiveness and thus invest their time doing exercises and eating healthy. The lifestyle not only keeps your body fit but also improves your brain memory. Adopt other helpful practices like meditation, responsible drinking, socializing, and getting enough sleep.

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