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Being organized is one of the most useful skills we need to be successful. It helps you have a clear thinking mind and focus on set targets and how to achieve them. In a work environment, being organized is a significant component of productivity, but when clutter accumulates, the attention towards set goals diminishes and performance suffers as a result. It is important to make significant effort to get organized, because it help our brain adapt much better and becomes easier to streamline both actions and thoughts in the work environment.

Being organized can help one feel less stressed and experience greater satisfaction with Increased efficiency and better communication, two positive side effects of employing organization skills in workplaces. Having a time plan in place is of great significance. It will involve having to do the most urgent things first. Staying focused on the essential stuff and reduce time waste on anything else.

Preparing a list of tasks to be done can also assist in having a particular job done. It should be as reasonable as possible. You should schedule the time to work on the most challenging tasks when your energy is high and save the less demanding work for other times. In the event of procrastination, focus on completing one project at a time. Engaging time schedules can also be used to plan a day’s activities.

Develop the habit of using a planer or organizer at work. It involves listing down each task with its due date as well as based on urgency. With it, you will reduce the chances of forgetting important tasks and manage to achieve targets within the desired time frame. Commitments should be written down neatly in the planner. Having a calendar will also help you remember assignments much better.

Creating categories usually reduces the challenges of having an overwhelming task list that demotivates you upon sight. It also helps you minimize distractions and focus on each task separately without worrying. One can classify tasks by use of labels, tags or checking boxes. You can use written symbols for a to-do list in physical formats. Try to split notebooks using tabs or dividers or use highlighter pens.

Taking time to recap will help you prepare for unexpected things that tend to disrupt schedules and plans. It will also help you stick to tasks previously considered as priorities even with new upcoming and more urgent tasks. This will eliminate the feeling of discouragement and making conclusions of impossibility to change work situations. Knowing what one requires for the next day and making preparations for them earlier in advance will not only take the guesswork out of one’s workday but gives insights or ideas of how to work better, and It will also help you avoid reacting to situation but rather prepare in advance.

Avoiding procrastination will save time brought by distractions. One needs to set time limits for decision making to prevent stress and intuition from taking over. You should identify the most critical factor to consider in making choices so that you can focus on it.

In an event where one is working from home, consider having a co-working space in your area to eliminate distractions as much as possible. Ask for help when needed. Getting assistance from co-workers gives you room to learn how they make their arrangements as well as how they prioritize work. Taking feedback from them can help you improve and become better in similar skills. Creating a routine will help you establish a method to keep you on track.

Apps such as Evernote are available in which one can access on a mobile device or a computer to track information, lists, and tasks. Keeping the physical working space and virtual workspace organized will help you stay focused and on task. Electronic work such as emails should have a file system that is similar to the paperwork filing system. Another consideration is to develop a time block for checking emails two or three times a day to prevent time-consuming and distractions.

Getting rid of non- essentials will make your workspace more functional and productive. If something has not been used for six months, it should be stored away. Having everything one needs on a daily basis within reach will maximize productivity and make organization easier.

Highlighting milestones will help one work on projects from desired perspectives to achieve specified goals. This will provide you with a vision and sense of priority in the short and long run. Upgrading equipment such as computers, software, stationery will not only save one from constant frustration but will preserve the costs incurred by inefficient or ineffective tools as well as mental energy.

Investing in best equipment will make you feel more motivated and organized every day you use them. Building work zones will create different spaces and tools that will help trigger a better output. Allocating work groups into computer workstations and a non-computer based workspace will be of great benefit in case you need to stay away from computer-based work in order to keep away distractions.

Have inspirational reminders to remind you of goals and dreams. This reminder can be in the form of decorations or image fitted in frames. Having them around workplaces will always remind you of the ultimate goals in moments when less motivated due to so much pressure experienced as a result of huge workloads.

Organizational skills are crucial to the success of any business. These skills are naturally acquired, or one can learn them with time into practical and workable ways. Proper plans and schedules usually ease your workload and clear enough space to accommodate other staff. You should also learn to organize your desktop if you use computerized programs to categorize tasks.

Most people tend to have random files automatically save themselves without labeling their destination. If you want to retrieve your work quickly, use easily identified tags to organize jobs. In short, staying organized is the safest way to increasing performance and productivity and remenber every little detail will work greatly to your benefit.

Hope you have some take away from this? put them into practice and you will see significate result. Don’t forget to let us know your views on this and we will be grateful for it.

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8 thoughts on “How to stay organized at work

  1. I needed this today. I am currently working from home with two young kids at home, so organization is key. A lot of what you wrote applies to me as well. Preparing a list of tasks and using a planner like you said is something I need to work on doing daily. I like to start with weekly goals and then figure out what I need to do during the week to achieve them! Thanks for the info!

    1. Organize your time and you will get a lot done even with the kids, it might not be easy at the beginning but you will definitely get it right and rip the reword. It is good to know you found the article helpful, thanks, and stay safe.

  2. Your article is full of very good advice. It is hard work to learn to be organized. I am trying to be more organized every day. I already started labeling folders and files on my computer. I tried to concentrate on a task without any distractions (still fail many times).

     I downloaded your suggested app Evernote! I will try to use it constantly. 

    I am thankful to get inspired to write my tasks! I need like that idea of doing harder things first and then do more pleasant ones at the end! I will also try a few of your other tips! Thank you for clearly presented tips. 

    Also, I have a question. Maybe there is some app to learn to control distraction? 

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi David, I guess we both agreed that being organized is very important, so we should do everything to make it a routine because the benefit is great, but as you said is not easy, that’s true, so I will suggest that you take it one step at a time. You can check some of these apps. Focus booster, focus me or just check for some more at the app store, I haven’t actually used any of such app myself. You can always reach out anytime and will be very happy to help. All the best.

  3. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. In staying organised at the work place, one has to make an efficient use of his/her time. Apportioned time to each activities and events and dedicate work that needs to be dedicated. Being organized will definitely make one to be conscious of everything that is happening within the work environment

    1. That’s quite correct, apportioned time to each activity. To be organized makes you effective and precise, that will have a huge impact on productivity.

  4. Hi there thanks for sharing these helpful tips. For many, figuring out how to get organized at work can be a daily struggle. For me I think you just have to plan yourself properly and staying focused on that plan. Keep a calendar, planner, notebook, or set of post-it notes along with plenty of writing utensils in your workspace. When an important commitment is brought to your attention, you will have what you need to record it. That way you get to stay organised at work

    1. Hi Philebur, 

      You right, a lot for people struggle with this, but we can learn it, one step at a time. It is important as studies have shown that we are more efficient by been organized. Thanks for sharing your thought.

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