Right Balance between Work and family

7 Ways to Find the Right Balance between Work and Family

Maintaining a perfect balance between work and family can be extremely overwhelming and it’s been reported to be a constant menace at work and home. Many homes have been shattered because either or both partners were unable to set the right balance between the two critical aspects of one’s life.

Apart from creating problems, conflicts between work and family are responsible for physical, emotional, and physiological stress and if not curtailed on time, its effects could be a lot disastrous. For many working adults, creating the right balance is almost impossible as they are bound to prioritize one more than the other and devote more time and attention to one as against the other.

Do you struggle to balance work and family? Do you feel guilty for neglecting one to favour the other? We have come up with some helpful tips that will enable you to strike a perfect balance.

  • Be intentional
  • Set Boundaries
  • Negotiate and Delegate
  • Stay more organized
  • Carry your family along
  • Know when to call it to quit
  • Seek professional help

Be intentional

Sometimes, a lot of things happen by accident, and unfavourable situations occasionally sort themselves out. However, in the case of solving the imbalance between work and family, you have to be intentional about it. It requires a conscious decision to find a balance. Irrespective of your level of dedication to work or how caring you are to your family, for you to maintain the right balance, you must be determined to achieve that against all the odds.

Before you decide to find a balance, you must have faced some unpalatable situations that warrants you adjust. And now that you are convinced that you need to do this, know that it won’t be a smooth ride; it takes time, dedication, and perseverance. But I can bet, it will be worth the effort eventually.

Set Boundaries

Many of us have a nasty habit of turning our homes into office. After spending long hours at work, we end up isolated from our family members battling with work so that we can meet the deadline. You must understand that home is home and work is work.

Set a boundary; never allow work to deprive you of having beautiful moments with your wife and children. Unless it is completely unavoidable, do not take office work to your home. I know it’s not easy, but with discipline and determination, we can master that. Likewise, don’t allow all the troubles you are passing through at home get to you at work. Some married couples with not-too-good marriages easily lose concentration at work due to the stress they have undergone at home.

Realize that indulging in overthinking about your marital issues will drastically affect your concentration as well as your productivity at work. As much as you can, maintain a good relationship with your partner so that you can enjoy peace of mind.

Negotiate and Delegate

If you are an employee and your job is taking a chunk out of your family time, you may need to summon the courage to negotiate with your boss if they can slash your working hours or take some tasks off you. Some employers are reasonable enough to understand that both work and family are of equal importance. They may agree to yield to your request.

For those that are their own bosses or have attained the post of C-Suite in their workplace, check if there are some tasks you can delegate to the junior staffs. Identify loyal employees with the right skill set that can seamlessly take over the task without any form of lapses.

Stay more organized

The reason some people struggle to maintain the right balance between work and family is not that their work is overly demanding, but because they are not organized. Organization starts with the arrangement of your office table. Keep it simple, remove unnecessary items and keep the waste paper close to you so that you don’t waste precious time disposing used items.

Staying organized helps to improve productivity and enhance effective time management. When you are organized, you will be able to complete your duties on time, and that will afford you more time to spend with your family.

Carry your family along

Your family members have a crucial part to play in helping you achieve your aim of creating the right balance. Don’t assume you can handle all your work versus family problem alone. Seek your partner’s opinion and if your children are old enough to bring in suggestion, permit them to chip in their recommendations.

You will be surprised that if you synergies, they can be the perfect solution to your problem. With the proper understanding, they will ensure that they cooperate with you to achieve your aim.

Know when to call it to quit

We have to be honest with ourselves; some works are not worth our full commitment. No matter how dedicated we are, or how much we are willing to sacrifice our familial time, we still don’t get the recognition we deserve. This is the time to analyze if it will be better to change your job so that you can enjoy more time with those who truly matter to you – your family!

Alternatively, you could scout for a part-time job or see if you can work from home, especially for nursing mothers. Working from home can be tricky as well; this may warrant that you set some ground rules about when you close for the day. You may need to set working hours and keep to it. It may be hard to pull through, but I believe with determination, it’s feasible.

Seek professional help

If after incorporating all you know and you cannot still observe any significant changes, you may be left with no other option but to seek professional assistance from experts in work and family affair. Don’t be too ashamed to look for help when you seriously need one. Check your local area if there are career guides and counsellors around with traceable success in the matter.

The internet can be of great use as well. Just insert the right keyword in the search engines. Narrow and research your findings and go with the best available option.

There is no quick fix to creating the perfect balance between family and work, it all required dedication and hard work. Know which one works best for you and be committed to it. Commitment to work is good but having a lovely home with quality time spent with family members is equally essential. Find the right balance!

Thank you for your time, we will love to hear your view, tell us what’s your thoughts, and if you have any question, Feel free to ask from the comment box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Wish you the very best!

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