The life we live today is the product of our yesteryears decisions. Life is only 10% circumstances beyond our control; the remaining 90% are results of the choices we made.

Regardless of your age, marital and financial status, we all desire a better future; a future where we live in perfect health, wealth, freedom and peace of mind. All these great desires do not come as an accident; you have to plan for them consciously.

Our post today will target the top 5 crucial decision that you have to make to secure a better future. As you read it; I hope it will influence you to make better choices in your life.

  • Financial Decision
  • The Choice of Partner
  • Where to live
  • Your circle of friends
  • Your career choice

Financial Decision

The importance of money can never be overstated. You need money in virtually all aspects of your life. Like the renowned author of the bestselling book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki observed, “Money doesn’t create happiness, but lack of money can cause unhappiness.” In this present age where the rich controls the world, you have to plan your finances so that you can create a better future for yourself, family and unborn generations.

Here are some of the tools to use in securing your finances


I always highlight the importance of having savings in all my articles. Irrespective of your level of earning, whether you are a 3-figure earner or 7-figure earner, you must have a certain amount you save for the future. Many unforeseen situations can occur, you may lose your job, suffer a business collapse or become unable to work due to an accident of failing health. Having a saving is a great way to start anew.

Even if you will have to borrow or seek help, your savings will give you an edge. Do you have a saving already? Congrats, you can always increase the amount you keep on the daily, monthly and yearly basis. For those of us without savings, decide to start now, and remember, no amount is too much or too little to keep against the future.


Do you realize that salary can never make you wealthy? You can be living comfortably, buy properties, send your children to the best schools as a salary earner but you will never rank as the top 100 wealthiest men in your country as a salary earner. To secure a better future, you must have the plan to start a business, and the best ventures are the ones that solve a critical problem in society.

Look for problems, create solutions, master the required skill, fall and rise again. With perseverance, your business will turn out to be a success eventually. If you have a business already, start thinking about expanding your operations. If you don’t have, be on a look out for the problems to solve.


Being a business owner is good but being an investor is better. All the wealthy people in the world are in this circle. Look for great ideas to invest in, leverage on the resources of the others.

Contrary to the belief that only wealthy people can invest, this is not entirely true. With your present financial status, you can still afford to buy shares with reputable companies. Another good way to invest is through networking. Most capital for investing in networking is highly affordable. Having investment accord your passive income; you don’t work for money. Instead, your money works for you.

The Choice of Partner

If you are single, you better pay attention to this point because the person you marry will go a long way to make or mar your future. The adage which says, “Beyond every successful man, there must be a woman” is still valid till date, just that it goes both ways.

In all fairness, you can decide not to marry and still attain an admirable position in life. But it’s better not to marry at all than to get it wrong when it comes to marriage. Whether you are a man or a woman yet to marry, the choice of the partner you make must meet a certain standard which are;


Your partner must be able to detect your feelings, know your pains even when you try to conceal it.


You must have similar reasoning and the same pattern of thinking. No matter how positive or optimistic you are, a partner that doesn’t reason the same way as you will always pull you down


If you are an atheist, it is better you go for your type, and the same thing applies to every religious folk. There is bound to be a problem when you have different spiritual beliefs

Physical Appearance

We might have been made to believe that look does not matter, but in all reality it does. You don’t necessarily have to marry the most beautiful woman in the world or Mr Macho. You only have to ensure that the partner you decide to live the rest of your life with is appealing to you even if not to everyone else.


Money has been discovered to be the number one causes of failure in the world. The choice you make must have the same financial orientation as you. If you are prudent and you have a frugal partner, you will end up frustrated and probably miserable.

Where to live

Your choice of residence will play a key role in many facets of your life; finance, friendship, happiness, etc. You must be careful while picking your desired location. There are many important factors to consider before you decide on where to live; does your work afford you the flexibility to work from home? Is the traffic in your area light enough to offer you free time to be more productive? All these must be carefully considered.  And remember, where you live will also determine the people you interact with on a daily basis, so choose carefully.

Your circle of friends

Whoever you spend your time with as a friend will have a direct impact on your success or otherwise a failure. While deciding the type of friends to move with, be careful to avoid the cynical and pessimistic people; those who continuously pull you down and devalue your efforts, it’s better to live and work in isolation than to move with the wrong people.

Your career choice

At one point in our lives, we will all have to decide on what we want to do with our lives. While your education plays a vital role in your choice of career, you have to be careful to choose the career that follows your passion. It’s not always mandatory to choose the career that you studied in school. Know where your passion lies and pursue it with diligence.

There are several other critical decisions to make, but these fives are probably the most essential. The choice you make today will determine how your life comes out tomorrow. Chose wisely!

Let us know what you think about this article, leave a comment below and if you have any question feel free to ask your question and I will get back as soon as possible. Thank you for your time!

Abel Dennis

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